Imagine if you could:

Link user actions and processes to single packets and flows;
Monitor compliance in real time;
Take action without delay.

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Network Vigilance and Protection for Your Business

Accurate Monitoring and Vigilance

Constant Compliance Checking

Automated Policy Enforcement and Actionable Alert

Proactive Security and Targeted Response

NewKonvax Web Graph ®

Ultimate Network Intelligence & Control Platform

Konvax Web Graph is a Network Security & Compliance Platform. It enables businesses to accurately and in real-time monitor users and user actions in their networks. It provides network processes compliance checking and enforcement. By recognizing non-compliant actions Konvax Web Graph automatically initiates a response, ranging from alerting the security team to targeted mitigation.

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  1. Packet Based Access Control
    • User and process recognition.
    • Packet by packet at wire speed.
  2. Compliance Checking
    • End to end policy compliance and enforcement
    • Process and user specific rules and policy
  3. Automated Incident Resolution
    • Adaptive application of resolution and mitigation policies based on incident analytics
  4. Advanced Asset Protection
    • Mitigate advanced threats by asset class including advanced persistent threats, distributed denial of service and insider threats.


  1. Accurate Network Intelligence
    • Real-time, precise knowledge about all users, user actions and processes across network entities.
  2. Enhanced Control
    • Increased productivity and accuracy of network administration resources and overall compliance, security and privacy efforts.
  3. Targeted Response
    • Precise and fast reaction to security and compliance incidents.
    • Early and effective notification and mitigation.
  4. Proactive Security
    • Provides fastest possible response times and minimizes risk.
    • Provides network security tools able to address today’s threat landscape.

Konvax Access Manager

Konvax Validation Autority

Konvax Software Agent

Konvax Web Graph Platform:

Platform is based on core modules

Konvax Validation Authority and Konvax Software Agents

Konvax web graph provides real-time compliance checking and network protection through the close integration of innovative patented and patent pending technologies. Its key components are a high-throughput validation Authority (KVA) and ultra-light weight, easy to install distributed software agents (KSA). The system allows to monitor users and processes at wire speed at the network layer. It is able to provide network as well as application security.

Konvax Validation Authority (KVA)

  1. Receives observations from distributed software agents installed on endpoint devices.
  2. Builds an event trace in real time for compliance checking.
  3. Effectively applies a policy and rules sets to the event trace.
  4. Acts like a referee in a sports game processing observations which are provided by the KSAs to monitor and enforce compliance.
  5. Designed for high-throughput - does not introduce latency; computing resources are focused on resolving anomalies and enforce compliance.
  6. Capable to verify compliance from the network to the business process level

Konvax Software Agents (KVA)

  1. KSAs mine ingoing and outgoing data packets at the lowest possible communication layer and transmit observations to the KVA.
  2. KSAs are provided for virtual machines in the cloud, mobile devices as well as workstations and laptops.

These features enable the efficient and automated detection and resolution of anomalies in distributed business processes.

Konvax Access Manager

Based on advanced patented and patents pending technology Konvax Access Manager (KAM) is designed to protect significant network assets without introducing latency. Incoming and outgoing packets are checked at wire speed both for compliance checking and access control purposes. In combination with KVA suspicious activities are attributed to specific users and process flows in real time. This actionable information enables a targeted response including silent monitoring, stopping transactions, disabling a user’s access to specific resources, or on-the-fly re-prioritizing user access to network resources according to specific user profile features. KAM can be configured to protects assets both at the network and application level.

Konvax contact details:

Address: One Broadway, 14th Floor Cambridge, MA 02142 USA

Phone: +1 617 475 1638